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ortho 1memory foam mattress


MinistryOfSleep brings the Maya Mattress Ortho edition- the mattress that alleviates back pain. The memory foam between Natural Latex foam on top and High-density Natural Latex in bottom gives a comfort and Back support to the sleeper.

The mattress is available online only. Each mattress comes fresh from the factory to your doorstep, at an unbeatable price.

MAYA Ortho

(2 customer reviews)


Thickness 7"
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2 reviews for MAYA Ortho

  1. MinistryOfSleep

    I bought a king size mattress from your site and I have had better sleep than I have had in years. My kids love the spring and latex foam softness and asking one for their room. Thank u very much Maya Mattress!!

  2. Rohit Gupta

    I Purchased this matteress some daye before after finding out so many postive review from onsite . First time when i placed my order it was 60*72 in size after placing the order Relationship Manager Laiju immediately gave me a call and ask me about my COT size ,as it was not finalized that time i told him it will have size of 60*72 , he suggest me to cancel the order or hold it till the time i dont purchase COT ,as most of the cot came in 60*78 in bangalore , i was really touched by the behaviour as this is something not all person care , everybody in market need business what is right and wrong they dont give value to that , so i purchased the cot in next 10 days and asked Laiju to deleiver mattress , he did his best and provide it in Next day only 🙂 The mattress was also a good it is very firm also it was value for money . And most important thing is the behaviour of Relationship Manager which is very appreciatable , because that is first thing you wont find in big brands and other Mattress Provider . Thanks to MOS team for there immense help and out of the box support 🙂

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